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i am the canary in the coal mine

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Ancora Imparo
26 August 1982
Sarcasm and curse words are my cake and ice cream.

I love punk rock. LOVE.

I am an unapologetic nerd.

I work really hard to never be in denial. But no one is perfect in this endeavor. It takes a long time.

swiped from hazeleyedmonstr

"life shrinks or expands
in proportion to one's courage."
-- anais nin.

accents, adult swim, al gore, almond scent, alton brown, ballet, banned books, bass guitar, behavioral gender bending, black licorice, blankets, boston, boston ballet, boston punk, boycotting lj sponsors, boys on bikes, canada, cast iron cookware, catholic school grrl kilts, cleverness, co-op grocery, communications, containers, corporation-free music, daria, darkness, debauchery, diy, dr. bronners, dragons, efficiency, elliott smith, epistemology, ethnic grocery stores, fabric, farmers' markets, feminism, fencing, fighting global warming, fiona apple, fishnets, flexibility, foresty places, frosting, fugazi, funny postcards, girl punk bands, halloween, heat, hegemony, herbal remedies, heretics, hidden treasures, hot sex, hot showers, jon stewart, kathleen hanna, leftover halloween candy, libraries, lisa simpson, lox, margaret cho, massachusetts, menstrual cups, metacognition, miniatures, muckrakers, muse, mutts, my bike, nerds, neuroscience, npr, open ballet classes, operation ivy, organic, outrageous comparisons, pbs frontline, penny poker, pixie boys, placebo, politics, practicality, proper grammar, public library of science, punk rock, punk rock boys, punk shows, puns, quiet times, raccoons, radiohead, rats, real punk, reno 911, rubber grapes, sambuca, scarecrow jobs, sewing, sewing patterns, shakespeare, shakesperian fools, ska, skinny boy legs, solidarity, solitude, spikes, staying up late, stone fruits, stuffed critters, subcultures, subtlety, surliness, sushi, sustainable living, talk, tea, the cure, the faint, the smiths, the underground, the weekly dig, therapy, this is spinal tap, threadless.com, thrift stores, throwing muses, time, toaster ovens, trains, trees, trying new things, umass amherst, university, unschooling, vegetable gardens, verbicide, very early morning, vintage sesame street, vulgarity, water bubblers, waterfowl, waxing poetic, weed, weezer, weird clothes, words, yarn, zeitgeist, zines

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