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I'm not dead. I've actually grown rather bored with the internets. I like the existance of my livejournal and I intend to keep it, but ignoring it is also fine with me. I surf the net at work, and try to do other things in the evening. I don't do this YouTube crap. Politics has worn me out long ago.

I've been playing outside all this time, you see. Actually talking to real peoples. It's nice.

Life in the For Science! House is most excellent, the punk scene is lively, my bass is my good friend. I have a different boything now. I will probably stay at my current job at the hospital. I mean to take my math placement exams at the community college...soon. I keep taking ballet, hoping for pointe shoes and stumbling over and over again. I've done some sewing.

Maybe in the future I'll write regularly. Maybe not. But I won't drop this thing.
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